Covid 19 vaccination centers to the general public over the age of 60 residing in Valikamam North Divisional Secretariat area is scheduled. The population aged above 60 years (senior citizens) can be vaccinated at the nearest vaccination center in their area.

  •     05.07.2021-06.07.2021
  •     J/ Alaveddy Arunothaya College
  •     J/ Mallakam maha vidyalayam
  •     07.07.2021-08.07.2021
  •     J/ Union College Tellippalai
  •     J/ Keerimalai Naguleswara Maha Vidyalayam
  •     09.07.2021-10.07.2021
  •     J/ Vayavilan Central College

Due to the interest and support shown by the general public of our area in getting the Covid 19 vaccine, all the Covid 19 vaccines allocated to the Valikamam North Division have been completed today. Due to this, we kindly inform you that this work will not take place as planned earlier in the vaccination centers from tomorrow till 10.07.2021.

Our Divisional Secretary informs all the public that arrangements will be made to vaccinate the public over the age of 60 who have failed to be vaccinated in the near future when vaccinations are allocated to Valikamam North Divisional Secretatrat area.

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