NoName Of OfficerPhotoDesignationPhone no
Staff Details of Central Government
 01 Mr. S. Sarutharsan b dumy Additional Director of Registrar  0776624415
 02 Mr. K. Paranitharan IMG 2954 Science and Technology Officer  0772030205
 03 Mr. P. Arumaithurai b dumy  Counselling Assistant   0776566993
 04 Mr. T. Krishnakumar IMG 2957 Child Right Programme Assistant  0718126591
05 Mrs. K. Vinotha g dumy Child Right Programme Assistant  0779496940
06 Mrs. T. Jeya g dumy Women Development Officer 0770204417
 07 Mr. N. Sathiyaruban IMG 2950 Cultural Development Assistant  0779568670
 08 Mr. E. S. Ranjithraj b dumy  Human Research Development Assistant  
 09 Mr. N. Jegan b dumy  Skill Development Assistant  0777291133
 10 Miss. K0mathy Santhakumar g dumy Field Co-ordinator  
 11 Mr. S. Sathyaseelan b dumy  Development Assistant  0777169055
 12 Mrs. S. Yasotha g dumy Development Assistant  0777252134
 13 Mr. T. Thiruchenthooran b dumy  Development Assistant  0779308718
 14 Mrs. S. Bamini g dumy Development Assistant  0755507647
15 Mrs. T. Amutha g dumy Development Assistant    0775448153
 16 Miss. S. Yogeswary g dumy Development Officer  0777515567
Staff Details of Provincial Council
 01 Mrs. S. Pathmarani IMG 2951 Cultural Officer  0774623995
 02 Mr. T. Rajeenthan b dumy Social Service Officer  
 03 Mr. S. Sivapalan IMG 2952 Sports Officer  0770278873
 04 Mrs. Darsika Nirojan b dumy Colonization Officer  
05 Mrs. Janarthany Rageeban g dumy Colonization Officer  
 06 Mrs. T. Karthika b dumy Development Officer (Land)  
 07 Mrs. S. Mithuna b dumy Development Officer (Land)  
 08 Mrs. R. Selvarajani b dumy Development Officer (Land)  
 09 Mrs. T. Suthagini g dumy Development Officer (Rural)  
 10 Mr. R. Rojinthan b dumy  Development Officer (Motor Traffic)  0774588183
 11 Mrs. G. Kalaivani  g dumy Development Officer (Industrial)  0772736366
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