Nature and Tourism

KKS Beach

It is one that has been etched in Sri Lanka’s colourful history. In the past, the location was the country’s foremost naval hub with the Sri Lankan Navy Naval Base being located in the area. Today, it is a family beach with large groups seen basking in the sunny sands and cool waters.

KKS is considered to be one of the best beaches in the Northern Province; the other being Casuarina Beach. Untouched and non- crowded this strip of shore provides unique experiences that one can only find in this northernmost coast. It is one where visitors step into pristine waters and enjoy a swim in the hopes of cooling off after a long day of exploring the town in the sun.

ThalSevana Holiday Resort

ThalSevana Holiday Resort Located in Jaffna District of  Nothern province at  Kankesanthurai (KKS ).

Thal Sevana Holiday resort is located very unique geographical location, where you can see sunrise and the sunset over the horizon. In the morning you can enjoy morning sunshine over the eastern sea and in the evening sunset over western sea. They provides comfortable accommodations with very reasonable fee and offer various types of options which suit your budget.

Thalsevana Holiday Resort which is Situated on the silver beach of Kankesanthurai (KKS), Jaffana, is functioning under the Security Forces Headquarters Jaffna. It provides you an ideal venue to make your holiday perfect and memorable.

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