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Our Vission

Ensure the service that promote excellent standard of living along with the modern technology to the local people.

Our Mision

Contribute for the sustainable development of the nation through maintain a higher standard of living of the people and natural resources.

History of Valikamam North Divisional Secretariat.

Valikamam North Divisional Secretariat division is located in the northern part of Jaffna peninsula. This division has a wealth of land, Water and human resources.  Its area is nearly 55.8 square kilometers. It is noted that all resources belongs to this area gave a unique status to vali north division. But the uniqueness of this area has been affected by the displacement of the people and by the establishment of high security zones, as a result of war situation prevailed in the past. The people in the area seek rehabilitation and hope they will be resettled at their own villages.Sea, lime stones and fertile soil are the main resources in Vali North area. Based on these resources people engage in fishing and farming for their livelihood. Fishing harbor, Tuberculosis hospital Tellippalai base hospital, K.K.S harbor, View Hotel, Cancer hospital, K.K.S cement Factory and palely Airport are the main locations in the Valikamam north division.Further, Palaly Teacher’s Training colleges, Nadeswara College, Union college and Mahajana College are the famous collegesin this division. Historically holy Temples Maviddapuram Kanthasamy Kovil and Keerimalai Naguleswaram Kovil are situated in the Vali North area.In early days, District Revenue Office had functioned with 15 Grahama Sevaka divisions, including Tellippalai and Mallakam Village councils, except Myliddy Villages council in the Kankesanthurai Electoral division, and Vasavilan , the remaining part of Myliddy Village counal in Kopay Electoral division. Later, it was changed as Valikamam North Assistant Government Agent division In1977.Alaveddy G.S division was divided in to two as Alaveddy North and Alaveddy South. Thus, it has functioned with 16 G.S divisions till the year 1987.In the year 1990 it was established as Vali North Divisional Secretariat and 45 Grahama Sevaka divisions come under the purview of this Divisional Secretariat division. Next to Thenmarachchi division, Vali North D.S division consists of more G.S division in the Jaffna district.

Divisional Secretary History

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